XES: The Unspoken

Last night, at High School AFW, we started our sex series for high school students. We talked through the way that the world view’s sex and the way that God views sex. There was awkward laughter, some tension filled moments, some moments where I just misspoke. For instance,

“God created sex for two men…er…umm..people, male and female!…”
I was getting ahead of myself and trying to say male and female before I said people…It didn’t work well. You might be able to see how this was an awkward and funny moment. Or, for instance,

“I bet when Adam woke up after God created him, he thought, God, take another rib!”

As I sat and thought about these two statements, I laughed to myself and then sobered fairly quickly. They are actually statements that our world perpetuates as semi true and accurate. The idea that God would create us with the right to have sexual relationships with those of the same gender is pretty clearly against God’s way of doing things. Romans talks a little bit about this, the Old Testament has some things to say, and I Corinthians 6 outlines what sexual sin is. It is a sin against our own body where other sin is outside of ourselves. Sin against our own body affects us so much because our body (for those that know and follow God) is the temple (a place of worship) of the Holy Spirit. When we defile that temple, we have ruined a place of worship that is only for the spirit of God to inhabit. Homosexuality is certainly not the only sexual sin that is talked about throughout scripture. Lust is something that way more men for certain engage in. Do you know that over 80% of men in churches struggle (or just give in) with pornography on a weekly basis? Here is one man’s struggle with pornography.

Click here to listen to Nate Larkin.

You see, sexual immorality hurts so much not just the people around others but the inside as well. It is a sin that against one’s body. The issues of homosexuality and pornography are two of the issues that I believe hold many of our churches captive today, especially pornography. Pornography is the “silent sin” that does not have to be brought into the open because it doesn’t overtly hurt anyone. Men are so wrapped up in shame and guilt that they will not lead their families or their churches well. If we were to deal with the things that happen behind the scenes that seem to lock us up as a church, I wonder how the spirit of God would continue to work in our churches?

My next mishap (God, take another rib) is another sexual immoral choice that is often made in today’s modern world and Nate Larkin talks about it a little bit (video above). He talks about cheating on his wife. There is a drive to be satisfied and when men or women don’t feel as though they are satisfied, there is something within them that motivates them to do things that they would never do or go places that they would never go.
For those of you that are married, you might take this to heart and think through how you can make the decision “on the ground” to not engage in these things. I get an article daily from “All Pro Dad” in my email and here is one of the inserts from this weeks postings. They are talking about “affair proofing marriages.” It is written from a side that doesn’t use scriptural arguments, but there are some very practical things that I can live out as I settle in to my great relationship with my wife for the long haul!

Click here for the article.

I’m excited to continue this series with our teenagers. This next week, we are having a fun week together as we examine some of the differences with the way that God created men and women. It’s the “Battle of the Sexes” week! 🙂


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