Day 2

We are done with work on day two. We began a large wall today for the second church plant. the wall eventually will be 2 meters high and we accomplished the base of about a foot deep of cement sixty feet long. We also managed to get the first row of cinder block laid for the rest of the wall to get set on top of it. We connected with the other guys working with us and continued to love and support the church planting effort here. Tonight we are headed back to our worksite where we will be participating in the service that is happening. We will have an opportunity to share and to sing with the church. God is working in the church that we are working with and I am excited to be q
a part of it.

The team is doing great. It is one of the most flexible teams that I have ever taken anywhere. I love how we have the opportunity and privilege to be the church together in a different nation. Good stuff.

I miss my beautiful wife and my awesome kids but look forward to seeing them soon!

Please pray for God’s spirit to continue to move on the nw corner of Ciudad Victoria.


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I am messed up guy who has experienced the grace and truth of Jesus Christ in my life. View all posts by Chris Rollman

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