A New Stage of Life.

We recently hired a new Kidz Ministry Pastor and that means that I am no longer chairing a committee to find our next Kidz Ministry leader. It is a great relief, something off of my plate, and I am excited to continue on. But there is part of me that will miss searching for that person. I will miss meeting new people, interacting with relationships on a regular basis, and meeting with the search team that have become good friends over the last year and a half. There is something about making decisions together that allows people to grow close together. As a search team, we have had to make big decisions together in the past and that has forged the relationship between us in a really cool way. God blessed our committee with knowledge, depth, and insight as well as a willingness to be controlled by God’s spirit by each individual that was part of the team.

I am moving on to other things. In the last year and a half, youth ministry has received (in some senses) split time between searching and really investing myself into what is happening in youth ministry. Our youth group is at a great place today, there is a ton of potential, God is directing, and students are excited about what is happening. I am excited to get back involved at a very deep level with each of our students, parents, and adult leaders. This next year will be exciting to watch God transform lives for his glory and purpose. Challenge 2010 will be awesome. AFW this summer will be really challenging as we are talking about what it means to have compassion for those in need. This means that we will be confronted each week with marginalization of people, hunger, poor folks, and a general societal despair. This will all be out in front of us because God has said that pure and faultless religion is that we look after orphans and widows and keep ourselves holy. We often focus alot on the holiness part of ourselves but sometimes we forget about the compassion that we are asked to have for people that need. God has called us to that. So, this summer is going to be pretty hard, but really good. As well, middle school students are headed to Student Life Camp at the beginning of June. I’m excited to see what God does in that group. Karyssa Evans has done a great job the last several months with them and I know that she will continue on as they go to camp.

So, as you can see,  I am excited to get my hands dirty with youth group again. I also am excited to work with the new Kidz Ministry Pastor to figure out what it means to transition our kids to youth ministry well. That will be a fun conversation with him.

There are alot of things I am really excited about, but the number one thing that thank my God for is my family. They have been so supportive through this last year and a half. My wife has called me out sometimes when I haven’t been home enough, has been supportive in the down times, and cares deeply about what is happening in ministry life. I love her and my kids and look forward to continued good connection with them.

May God bless us and keep us and may his face shine upon us (Allied Force, West E. Free, my family, Kidz Ministry) and give us peace!


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I am messed up guy who has experienced the grace and truth of Jesus Christ in my life. View all posts by Chris Rollman

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