My wife pointed out to me the other night as we drove that in the book of Acts “evangelism” seems so simple. Paul doesn’t use the four spiritual laws or have some exegetical commentary on the book of Job to lead people to the saving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Rather, Paul simply tells his story. He had a radical story of transformation as he came to faith and came to Christ and so he shared it, he shared it with anyone who would listen, he shared it anywhere that he went. The book of Acts records him telling his story several times, but the feeling that I get from this is that it wasn’t recorded EVERY time he told it, just enough to know that this was his norm. The grace and mercy of Jesus had impacted his very core.

It had changed him.

It had messed him up.

The grace and mercy of Jesus had him so excited that he was willing to die so that others might experience these things.

He took advantage of every single opportunity that he had to share. It was as if we was saying to the people around him, “Look at the Jesus Christ who radically shifted my life in a new and wonderful direction! He continues to do that today…Just look at him, marvel at his wonder!” You see, the relationship that Paul continued to experience with Jesus was one to share, was one to proclaim to the nations.

It wasn’t until Paul was transformed from the inside out that he was able to share to his culture from the outside in. 

This is challenging to me. Am I letting God transform my heart and mind in such a way that I can’t keep quite about the saving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ? Am I, for some reason, scared of being transformed for his honor and glory? He deserves it, I don’t, and yet, for some reason, I hold back in this process of transformation.

Maybe that is the reason why our nation and our world doesn’t hear the message of the gospel from our lips or from our lives?



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